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M4FOUR is the first professional manufacturer of personalized floors within the entire world. We produce situation-specific, digital vinyl floors of very high quality, in our own unique plant. We offer unending possibilities.M4FOUR overcomes all limitations to esthetical and functional design, the sky is the limit!

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Functional Vinyl Flooring

We combine fun and functional flooring for a reasonable price! M4FOUR collaborates with experienced designers. Our creatively skilled designers have a fresh ingenuity.
We offer the best solution for any industry. Get inspired and read our success stories.

M4FOUR Production Process

Our production process of vinyl flooring is new and incomparable. M4FOUR prints maintaining the quality of 720 dpi. Our printer produces transparent or white raw material digitally, to create your own personalized floor.If desired, M4FOUR can combine different rolls into one giant floor. The situation-specific design can be seamlessly connected to your needs, for a very affordable price.

Transparant vinyl flooring

The image is printed on the bottom of the transparent floor.
The transparent topcoat ensures that your design remains perfectly.

White vinyl flooring

Your design is printed on white raw material and it will be protected due to a special coating. Consequently, the vinyl floor can be used several times and is appropriate for intensive use.

M4FOUR Products

The M4FOUR product range includes a vinyl floor for any situation.

M4FOUR Premium E

This floor is excellently appropriate for any event or fair. The M4FOUR Premium E has a competitive price and delivery times are short.

M4FOUR | Premium E vloer
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M4FOUR Premium W

This unique floor can create a statement. Any design can be printed on the floor. The M4FOUR Premium W is very suitable for events, exhibitions and promotions.

M4FOUR | Premium W vloer
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M4FOUR Premium T

Besides the ultimate protection of the printed image, this floor can offer continuous creative possibilities. The Premium T can be excellently used in shops, bars and restaurants.

M4FOUR | Premium T vloer
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This floor is very suitable for professional projects that demand high requirements in durability, maintainability and hygiene.

M4FOUR | Pro vloer
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