Design allies

Architects, interior designers, stylists, designers — these are our kindred spirits and design allies. With these creatives, we work side-by-side in the fight against rigid standards and normative design conventions.

We are free, we think free, and we put our heart and soul into customised design flooring.

Christie van der haak

Even if I apply my patterns to design products, I am looking for quality.

I am very happy with the quality of the M4Four prints and that the patterns fit seamlessly into the printing work.

My patterns on vinyl create endless possibilities for applications in offices, hospitals and other spaces that can use a boost.

Jan Taminiau

“Couture isn’t about reality or wearability, it is freedom of thinking, my atelier, like a lab, is a place of discovery and development. After which a new journey begins to translate my couture to clothing for women.” – Jan Taminiau

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